Urban Zen Spiritual Discussion Panel
Gives New Yorkers Something To Talk About

Donna Karan

Arianna Huffington

Gerald Senehi

On a chilly afternoon, Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation partnered with one of the world’s top mentalists and activists Gerard Senehi to bring over 350 socially conscious New Yorkers to listen and gain answers to important questions concerning our future well-being - what is driving us as we look towards the future? Is it fear of disaster, or is it a spiritually inspired motivation to create a better world? Questions regarding these topics were discussed in a two hour workshop facilitated by spiritual pioneers Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen. Moderated by Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington, the panel fielded questions that inspired gatherers to contemplate what it means to co-create a spiritually inspired future. The seminar, held at the Stephan Weiss Studio, located on Greenwich Street in the sophisticated West Village, began with Arianna Huffington sharing the impact of slowing down and connecting with a deeper meaning, Deepak Chopra connecting people with the ground of consciousness we all share, and Andrew Cohen conveying the importance of having an indestructible confidence that life is fundamentally good. Guests included Edie Falco from The Sopranos, Mark Becker from NEWLIFE Expo, and Carrie Tuhy, founder of 2E Productions, sipped on Balance water as the panel discussed an array of topics including the humorous “using technology to disconnect with technology and reconnect with ourselves” and “moving beyond language, not by technology but by being there (in the moment).” Fashion icon Donna Karan, and Foundation For Advancement of Women Now (FFAWN) director Madeline Nelson (now the new director of Urban Zen) were also in attendance taking in the wisdom. Following the discussion group, a reception was held in an intimate space above the venue. The open studio with floor-to-ceiling windows surrounded guests with a relaxing and calming vibe. Visitors could walk onto the patio and rest in the cabana, or lounge on the velvet black couches that lined the room. Gourmet bites and Organic Avenue juices (served in recyclable glass containers) were offered on beautifully crafted wooden tables. Whimsical music, candles and white silk drapes gave the studio a chicly “zen” vibe where guests were able to meet, follow up on the provocative ideas and take pictures with the discussion panel. About Urban Zen Foundation: Founded by Donna Karan, the Urban Zen Foundation, a public charity, helps raise awareness and inspire change in three key areas: the advancement of well-being, the empowerment of children, and the preservation of culture. The goal of the foundation is to create a community dedicated to change – to improving patient care through integrative medicine, to strengthening children’s social, emotional and physical resilience, and to celebrating and promoting the inherent value n all cultures. Core programs of the foundation include a pilot program to create and Optimal Healing Environment in a major medical center, the launch of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapist Training Program, and distinctive workshops, classes, speakers and events at the Urban Zen Center. For more information about the Urban Zen Foundation, please visit:

Photos by: By Krisanne Johnson