Healthy Hair Is Easy With Bio-Niu Hair
Vitamins From Byu-Ti Salon


Natasha Sunshine

Natasha Sunshine, owner of the celebrity-favored Los Angeles hair spa Byu-ti Hair Therapy, had one thing in mind when developing Bio-Niu Vitamins: effective and immediate results while keeping the ingredients green and clean of any sulfates or parabins. It is this dedication to her motto GIVE GOODNESS that has already gained her the trust of celebrities and models like Molly Sims and Ivanka Trump, and a recent feature on The Rachel Ray Show. Bio-Niu Vitamins is the mastermind of Natasha. She set out to develop a product that would not only lengthen the hair, but also aid in the thickness department. Well, it does just that and more. According to happy clients, Bio-Niu shows results within weeks.

Bio-Niu Hair Vitamins have helped women and men with a variety of hair loss problems from alopecia to post-pregnancy hair loss to achieve their desired luscious locks. The combination of Folic Acid and Biotin are the reason that Bio-Niu has been such a success. The two ingredients combined produce rapid hair growth, and extra perks include glowing skin and stronger nails.

For optimum health from the inside out, these revitalizing vitamins provide you with all the nutrients you need to achieve the highest possible hair health. Their collaboration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs contain the vital nutrients to build stronger radiant hair. The combination of Folic Acid, Biotin and calcium are proven key ingredients to expedite growth and promote healthy, shiny, beautiful hair.

The importance in the green factor of these products cannot be understated. Parabins are potent chemicals used to preserve beauty products, and they have been scientifically linked to the development of several forms of breast cancer. Sulfates are a low cost foaming agent found in many shampoos, facial cleansers and shower gels. Sulfates can be very irritating to both the skin and hair because they strip both of their natural protective oils. Even more alarming, when combined with many other minerals they form nitrates, a scientifically proven carcinogen. It’s why Natasha tirelessly researched alternative ingredients to keep you healthy inside and out.

Men and women with graying hair can also celebrate the recent arrival of Gray-Gone Vitamins, which uses catalase and other vital nutrients to reverse the production of gray hair and gives your locks a luscious shine. It goes without saying that Gray-Gone is just as safe as Bio-Niu Vitamins.

To learn more about Bio-Niu and Gray-Gone Vitamins and the Byu-ti Salon, visit Byu-ti Hair Therapy is located at 510 Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica California 90401. Tel: 310 587 2207