Jerry Springer

Since I heard my friend of almost 20 years, Jerry Springer, was in NYC celebrating the 20th Anniversary of his hit show, The Jerry Springer Show ( and was going to be in the city at Madison Square Garden for America's Got Talent Live Tour, I decided to give his talented publicist Linda Shafran a call and set up a quick photo shoot outside the Plaza Hotel. I figured we could get some great shots and I could film a quick interview for and possibly for my television show that we have been filming just about everywhere in New York. We have filmed every big star but the show was missing something and that was Jerry Springer. I knew this would be fun and I knew the stuff to ask that no one even knows about Jerry, since I was one of the shows photographers in Chicago for many years. The footage we got was classic Jerry Springer.

First of all, I have to tell you how I met Jerry Springer. It had to be almost 20 years ago in a supermarket on the upper east side of New York City. Jerry was there with Sara Jessica Parker to help promote a homeless charity. The Jerry Springer Show was new and already was becoming a huge hit all over the country. I knew I wanted photos that would be different, so I asked Jerry Springer and Sara Jessica Parker if they would pose behind the bread counter, like the were working there. To my amazement, they agreed, but even more funny was the old ladies shopping in the store really thought they worked there and started ordering bread. Not to miss a beat, Jerry And Sara Jessica put on the plastic gloves and started serving the ladies. It was classic Jerry Springer and the photos went to every magazine everywhere. To this day, I still laugh at this story, because this is classic Jerry Springer. Jerry goes with the flow. Jerry never misses a beat or misses a punch line. Jerry's sense of humor is endless and this is one reason that he is such a huge talent. He sees the punch line.

One question I asked Jerry was how he felt about me coming into his life at some of the weirdest moments. Jerry's answer was flattering. He said he knew he was still alive and still in show business when he saw me. This is a classic Jerry Springer answer and I am sure I will be popping into Jerry's life for a very long time, because Jerry is the busiest man in show business and I know because I have lived it with him. He has his hit The Jerry Springer Show, America's Got Talent Live Tour and now a new game show called Baggage on the Game Show Network. With all this going on he still has time to be a nice guy, to be Jerry Springer!