Randy Jones With James Edstrom And Boardwalk Empire
Star Chris Mulkey

Chris Mulkey With Trump Taj Mahal's Mary Moyer,
Randy Jones
And Keith Collins

Model John Brand With Chris Mulkey

We had a great time at Resorts Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City the past few days. Besides club hopping with Village Peoples Randy Jones and our good friends Keith Collins and Theresa Galeani at Boogie Nights, we had a great time partying with Boardwalk Empire star Chris Mulkey. Just looking up Mulkey's credits on IMDB is like a who's who in television and movie history. This famed actor has done everything and to top it off, he has that old time star class, which is very hard to find these days.

As we sat down several nights in a row at our favorite watering hole The Irish Pub, just off the Boardwalk, Mulkey told me some interesting facts about the hit HBO series The Boardwalk Empire. First of all, he loves doing this show, which is great as you need to enjoy what you are doing in this business. Second, Mulkey told me the show is not filmed in Atlantic City but in studios in New York City. I was kinda of shocked. It seems that New Jersey would not give the show tax credits for filming on the famed Boardwalk, so they took it to The Big Apple, where they appreciate the film business. I really find this so stupid on New Jersey's part. First of all, Atlantic City like the rest of the country could use some more business. Tourists would flock to the hotels just to get a glimpse of these talented stars in action. The business generated would be huge and to think these stupid politicians would let a hit series like The Boardwalk Empire to be filmed elsewhere, is beyond reason. What were they thinking? The show is doing so good in the ratings, that it has been picked up for another season. I think it's time for New Jersey to wake up and become part of the Empire!

Photos By: James Edstrom