New Book By “The King of Networking” Jeffrey W. Meshel

Offers Insight On Attracting Success


The Opportunity Magnet

“To generate possibilities which are the genesis of opportunities YOU HAVE TO STAND OUT”— that, is the underlying theme articulated in The Opportunity Magnet: Attract Success in Every Aspect of Your Life.

Launching September 28, 2010, Jeffrey explains that the knowledge of how to create and then build relationships is the key to success, no matter the goal. A comprehensive guide to successfully connecting with others, The Opportunity Magnet explains to readers how to build successful, long-term connections by tapping into the power of 6 important lessons: Receive by Giving; Communicate with Passion; Collect Relationships; Stand Out; Always Improve; and Learn to Connect Online. When you know how to maximize your connections with friends, family, acquaintances, and coworkers—even people you’ve just met—others will bring opportunities to you, transforming you into an “opportunity magnet.” Meshel’s step-by-step plan for attracting opportunities goes beyond simple networking. The Opportunity Magnet merges the online world with the offline and explains the importance and efficiency of networking correctly in both; throughout, Jeffrey is sure to express that “although technology can augment your connections, only you can make them meaningful.”

Today, the ability to connect with people anywhere, at any time, is greater than ever; there exists an abundance of tools to enable connections all over the world, including networking groups, discussion pages with expert advice, as well as countless online social media outlets. Though conventional education does not teach – or even address – what must be done to find and build relationships online or offline, as Jeffrey writes, “We need to master connecting both online and offline—now more than ever.”


As seen on The Today Show, Jeffrey W. Meshel is a pioneer of social and business networking before the age of the Internet, often dubbed “The King of Networking.” Jeffrey’s first book, One Phone Call Away: Secrets of a Master Networker, presented his strategies to being a master networker and is currently available in six languages. Jeffrey has successfully used his approach to cultivate meaningful and profitable relationships with an extensive network of accomplished entrepreneurs all across America, managing a group of over 10,000 contacts in his personal database using his carefully organized system.

Jeffrey is the Founder and Chairman of The Strategic Forum, a high-level networking group that meets monthly, connecting generations of successful businesspeople across a variety of fields, with chapters in New York and South Florida. Currently, Jeffrey will be launching a web-based resource engine called Bintro— an opportunity matching service that, empowered by semantic technology, connects professionals interested in securing the same objective with precision and efficiency. Jeffrey is President and Founder of Paradigm Capital, Mercury Properties, and Mercury Equity group.

The Opportunity Magnet will be available for purchase at and will retail for $15.00US / $17.00CAN.