Lindsay Lohan Kisses Her Freedom Goodbye

Our readers have spoken. 89 % of them said Lindsay Lohan should go to jail. 8 % said no and 1% are just not sure. If you ask what we think, we agree with our readers. Lindsay has been given more chances than any normal person would. She has not kept her agreements with the judge and the court and it's time she went away to learn that her actions will not be allowed. Michael Lohan can cry that she needs Rehab, but that did not work once before. Maybe if Michael had kept his mouth shut all these years about Lindsay, none of this would have happened. He fed fuel to the fire. The only person that Lindsay should have ever listened to, was mom Dina. Dina knows the score and she should be the only person anyone listens too. Besides, we think Lindsay will get a Paris Hilton get out of jail free card. Now how wrong is that?

Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna