Lindsay Lohan

Former actress Lindsay Lohan is going to jail for failing to attend court-ordered alcohol education classes.The crying Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in jail at a probation hearing in Los Angeles California yesterday. Judge Marsha Revel ordered Lohan to surrender to court on July 20th.The judge declared Lindsay was in violation of her probation on a 2007 DUI arrest for skipping classes. Her alcohol education program director, Cheryl Marshall, took the stand at the hearing and testified that the former star had failed to attend nine court-ordered classes. Marshall told the Los Angeles court Lohan came up with excuses that were "endless and disrespectful". The explanations Lindsay gave for not attending classes ranged from missing flights to promoting a clothing line. Marshall said Lohan also called to excuse herself, claiming her uncle had died and she had to fly to New York - the week before she flew to Cannes, France in May.

Meanwhile, We knew Lindsay's outspoken father Michael would have something to say. Michael is attempting to overturn his daughter’s " harsh" 90-day jail sentence - he has written to the judge urging her to let Lindsay spend six months in rehab instead. But Michael Lohan is adamant his daughter does not belong in jail and has written a letter to Judge Revel asking her to reconsider the sentence and allow the actress to spend six months in a treatment program instead. He tells CNN reporter Larry King, "Any time in jail is harsh, especially for a young lady like Lindsay that doesn’t need jail. I’ve been there myself, and I know jail didn’t do anything for me with my addictions… I’m sorry. I’m just… a little upset… "This girl needs a rehab. She needs help… If Lindsay’s lawyer and Lindsay would have just listened to us, she would have been in a rehab, she would have been on her way to being clean and sober and have her life back. Instead, she got jail and - jail and rehab." His lawyer, Lisa Bloom, adds, "I don’t want there to be misinterpretation that Michael and I think the sentence was appropriate because we don’t .. And we sent a letter to the court today. We sent one previously, begging the court not to incarcerate her because I’m a pragmatist, Larry. What message does it send to someone if they go to jail for 84 minutes or for a day and a half? "Mandated six months or longer in an in-patient treatment facility that knows what they’re doing, a facility that will take her off all the drugs, the prescriptions, and otherwise, and then give her life back." Lohan’s mother Dina has also condemned the decision to send the star to jail, telling, "This is so not fair to do this to my child.

Editors Note: We can feel the parents pain, but Lindsay thinks she can do what ever she wants. She has been given more chances than any regular person would get. She plays games and thinks shes smarter than everyone else around her. Well she is not smarter than this judge and the public that has watched her get chance after chance. Besides we are sure this will be a Paris Hilton sentence. She will go in for a few hours or a few days and be released. And publicity hungry Michael Lohan and his even hungrier publicity lawyer Lisa Bloom will get their airtime. Everyone will be happy kiddies. The only real person I feel bad for is Dina, who is a wonderful mom and is the only person anyone should be listening too.

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