Steve Grillo

Letter From Steve Grillo Formally Of The Howard Stern Show

What's up James?? I will try to explain what is going on as clearly as possible.. You already know my past with Howard Stern, so I don't need to get into that.. For the past year I have been trying to get myself back into show business. I was doing the red carpet interviews for Howard, but it seems that he got bored with them and it fell to the way side.. I lost my job in November and I have the worst winter of my life!!

So, here's the story.. I was lucky enough to have the parents that were smart enough to take me out of the hot summers of Brooklyn and take me camping in the Catskills. I have spent every summer of my life at this campground and I've had my own trailer for the past 15 years.. This place is my favorite place on earth, and because of the shitty winter I've had, I am unable to pay for the campground this year.. Not good news for me..

In the beginning of May I went for an audition.. When I got home I got a letter from the campground telling me they were going to tow my trailer off and I would not be allowed on the property!! Before I could let the letter sink in I got a phone call from a casting director telling me that I blew everyone away and that the director Kevin (you met him last night) wanted to meet with me because and wants to develop a show around me!! With the letter in my hand I had an idea.. How can I make this great opportunity work to my advantage.. I meet with the director and a couple of great stories about my summers up at the campground and he wants to shoot a pilot at the end of June.. One problem, I have to pay the campground.. So Kevin came up with the idea to have a benefit to save the trailer so we can shoot the pilot. That's whats going on now.. We have almost finished writing the pilot and the benefit is all set for June 11th.. I have to make this pilot work James!! I need to get out of this funk I am in and be doing what I was put on this planet for, doing this pilot!!.. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks buddy,

Steve Grillo



Shoot The PILOT

Grillo’s gonna have a TV series,

(or at least a PILOT for his TV series) but first …

Grillo’s gotta pay off the debt on his trailer in the Catskills (where the series takes place)! Hey, times are tough, and who has money?

But, Grillo needs your help!

When: Friday, JUNE 11th *doors open 6pm* music 7-11 Where: PACHA/618 West 46th street, New York City

What: A BENEFIT Concert, 50/50 Raffle, Prizes, Drink Specials, **Buffet, ***Celebrities,

Who: BANDS: Boco, CoQ10, Plastic Holiday, The Woody Creek Kids, + DJ Jeff spinning in between sets

Why: Why NOT help save Grillo’s Trailer in the Catskills & **** possibly put your skills to use in his TV pilot!

* Pacha has been gracious enough to let our guests stay past 11pm & enjoy the best nightclub in the city!
** Early Birds eat first
*** E-list & above celebrities

**** Be Aware Filming Will Be Happening … leave your mistresses at home!


Anonymous said…
How exciting! Hope everything goes well and we get to see this soon. Appears to have a fresh story line and that is much needed. Good luck!