Recently-spotted touting son James on his shoulders backstage, Matthew Broderick is among the list of A-list fans that breathtaking global phenomenon, Cavalia counts among its following (which also includes Justin Timberlake, Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon and John Travolta). Having toured the world, captivating more-than-three million people, Cavalia is a larger-than-life stage production, featuring heart-stopping acrobatics, original live music, projected images and over 100 performers, including a troupe of 60 brilliant horses from around the globe. Exploring, and paying homage to, the relationship between these majestic, equine creatures and humanity, Cavalia has recently taken over audiences in New York City— now with extended performances through Monday, July 5, 2010. Cavalia crafts an enchanting, fantastical setting, incorporating stunning special and lighting effects. Stunning audiences, Cavalia’s starring horses gallop and cavort throughout the productions, at times running completely free. At once thrilling and touching, Cavalia explores humankind’s fascinating history and bond with the horse— the flawlessly-woven thematic line of the evolution of horses and human interaction, takes audiences through unbridled life in the wilderness, to early domestication, and ultimately to a relationship based on freedom and mutual respect.Created by Cirque du Soleil co-founder, Normand Latourelle, Cavalia took nearly a decade to develop and produce and is a breathtaking orchestration of multimedia, equestrian and performing arts, Cavalia is entertaining audiences of all ages on a 160-foot-wide stage under the world’s largest touring Big Top – White Big Top at the Meadowlands – rising 100-feet-above the ground and spanning more-than-26,264-feet. For a truly unparalleled live theatre experience, guests can opt for VIP packages, which include a Horse Lovers Package that invites guests to tour Cavalia’s stables, and the Rendez-Vous Package, complete with a tour of the stables, a cocktail/dinner reception, meet-and-great with the show’s performers and trainers and much more. For more information, a detailed list of show dates and reservations, call 1-866-999-8111 or visit