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The calming counterpart to celebrity-favorite Sin Vitality Drink ™¯ seen in the hands of Estelle, Lisa Rinna and Kim Porter, Serenity Zen Beverage™ is the answer that busy celeb moms have been looking for. Relaxation drinks are the latest craze to grab the nation’s attention. Cheaper than a day at the spa, but just as soothing, Serenity Zen Beverage™ is a relaxation must-have— a product of Next Generation Beverage, LLC, Serenity™ is one of the industry’s first-ever relaxation beverages. Serenity Zen Beverage™ promises to quash feelings of tension and stress and transport you to that relaxing getaway you’ve been dreaming about… So, attention bustling soccer moms, stressed-out college kids, and overworked 9-to-5ers! Sip your way to tranquility—an innovative blend of vitamins, natural flavors and extracts and a relaxing and tranquil formula, Serenity™ grants your wish to relax and unwind with a sweet vanilla taste and zero calories, sugar and carbohydrates.Whether you are in need of a comforting cap to a long day’s work, calmed nerves before a flight or just a sweet start to that long-awaited vacation, Serenity™ is your sweet taste of calm. You may still have that 8:00AM meeting tomorrow, but for now, you have 8.4fl.oz. of Zen.


Stirring up the beverage industry with groundbreaking products and innovative marketing, Next Generation Beverage, LLC is the brainchild of a team who are eager to revolutionize the soft drink industry with products including Sin Vitality Drink™, Sin-Free Vitality Drink™ and one of the first of its kind, Serenity Zen Beverage™. Next Generation Beverage, LLC concocts and packages beverages that are original, unique blends of energy and relaxing drinks, setting itself apart from others in the marketplace. Unlike a number of its competitors within the beverage industry that originate overseas, Next Generation Beverage, LLC products are all domestically-produced in the U.S.A. Recently, teaming up with Canada Dry Bottling Co. of NY, Next Generation Beverage LLC is now introducing top-selling relaxation beverage Serenity in the New York City and Long Island markets. For store locations and further details, please visit