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Rita Cosby With Bill Murray

Bill Murray With Friends Cindy Guyer, James Edstrom,
Claire O'Connor And Dr. Judy Kuriansky

There will be no stories today except this one. I am crying just too much. One of the most beloved people in the entertainment business, Celebrity Bulletin editor Bill Murray, died last night in his office. For those of you who do not know what Celebrity Bulletin is, it is the most powerful entertainment information service in the country. If you need to know how to contact a star, a publicist or anyone in the business, this is where you went for the information. Bill knew them all. I was very lucky to have met Bill Murray very early in my career almost 30 years ago. We became very fast friends. In a business where not many people care about anyone but themselves, Bill Murray cared about everyone. When he arrived at a party, you could see his smile light up the room. Over the years I threw Bill birthday bashes and anyone who was anyone in this business would show, and Bill always had such a great time. When I threw a party, Bill was always there to support me. A few months ago when I had a belated birthday brunch with Rita Cosby and Joyce Randolph from the Honeymooners, Bill showed up all smiles, a little late, but looked at me and said I wouldn't miss your party for anything kiddo. He always called me kiddo. Bill was always running around, he had endless energy. I would always ask him, where do you get the energy to go out every day and he would just smile and say he loved doing it all. Bill went to premieres, club parties, and to society events. But I think what he loved the most was Lincoln Center. Almost every time I talked to him, he would mention some event at Lincoln Center that he had a great time at. For years Bill kept asking me to put my bio together so he could make me The Celebrity Of The Day. For years I put it off, telling Bill I would get to it. He really wanted to do this for me, and I thought it was a great idea, but I kept putting it off. I called him 2 days ago and asked him if he was ok, I hadn't heard from him in a couple of weeks. He said he was great, his knees hurt, but he said he was doing ok and had a great time at Lincoln Center on Sunday.

I just got off the phone with Rita Cosby. Holding back tears, Rita said "Bill was one of the most extraordinary persons she has ever met." I also spoke to public relations wiz Claire O'Connor who said "She is just devastated." She just can not imagine not seeing Bill again, she has known him since she started in the business. Ann Lawlor, from Lawlor Media Group called Bill "The last of the great gentleman." Norah Lawlor, president of Lawlor Media Group said," He was never affected by the world of celebrity. He made everyone feel like an old friend." Publicist Edward Callaghan said, "For over 30 years Bill Murray was my friend and my go-to-man - there wasn't anyone on the planet of any worth that he did not know and know how to reach. He was the most generous and caring professional in a business not known for such qualities and - the last of the great gentlemen in the industry. I will miss him terribly and am so saddened he will never pick up the phone and open with a cheery " How can I help you Eddie? You could almost see his smile." PR icon John Wegorzewski added, "Bill Murray was one of the first people I met in the entertainment business who became a true friend. He was always the consummate gent and a reminder of the days when manners & decency mattered in both professional and personal matters. He will be sorely missed." Jerry Springer publicist Linda Shafran said,"O' captain My captain" Your legacy lives in all you touched and in our saddened hearts. Rest in peace sweet prince "

Publicist David Salidor Remembers Bill Murray

BILL MURRAY – RIP – I knew Bill Murray for what seems like my entire career as an entertainment publicist. I believe I first met him when I was at the infamous Howard Bloom organization in the ‘80s … working on almost 22 accounts. Suffice to say, his guidance and assistance became a quick necessity. He couldn’t have been more helpful and nicer, and that, I believe was Bill’s talent. He had an amazing quality to quickly size up a situation and offer whatever he could. All these years later, I recall taking Micky Dolenz to one of his terrific birthday parties hosted by Rita Cosby and James Edstrom. Micky had an absolutely terrific time, as did I. The range of his contacts and interests always amazed me and as I quickly became a seasoned veteran, I continued to admire his ability to help whenever and do whatever he could do. I can’t even recall how many people he introduced me too … many have become close friends and associates. I also recall at a party for Times Square Gossip, where I took two new clients … their first time at an industry event like this and Bill welcomed them with open arms. I remember quite clearly looking on and really appreciating that. Sending him daily releases and seeing them listed quickly in Celebrity Bulletin was terrific, but Bill was much more than that. In the years we weren’t able to properly subscribe to the sheet, Bill always sent the printed sheet down … that’s the kind of guy he was, dependable. I even shared the same building address for a time with him and it was terrific running into him on a more regular basis. I’d put Bill on the same list as Daily Variety’s late-Army Archerd as a key force in this business. They’ll never be another like him. I was lucky to have known him. Rest easy Bill –
Photos By: Ann Watt/Society Photos


A said...

Bill Murray always entered a room with a smile on his face and brought smiles to others. RIP Bill. Your friends are crying now - we will never forget you. Ann Watt

Anonymous said...

Good people always leave a terrible longing in the heart.

You friends have found you to be a blessing, Mr. Murray. You must have been a wonderful person.

Richard Mineards said...

I first met Bill Murray in 1978 when I arrived in New York from the Daily Mail in London, where I covered the Royal Family and worked on Nigel Dempster's Diary.
I was gossip columnist on Star magazine and would see Bill frequently at Studio 54 and at various screenings and showbiz oriented events.
He was always utterly charming and amusing and we became fast friends.
Having lived in California for the past ten years, I had not seen Bill in an age, but was much saddened to read of his death.
He was one of the last of the old school and will be much missed on the Manhattan scene.

Richard Mineards,
Santa Barbara. Ca.


Thanks Richard for your insight. He was one in a billion and I already miss him so much. Life is just too short and I am just shocked because I spoke to him on Monday and he was feeling great. We are losing too many of our old good friends....