Wednesday, January 20, 2010


First Tila Tequila responded to her publicist dumping her to Steppin' Out magazine. Now Tila is reaching out via Steppin' Out to NJ Jet owner to beg for her purse and pictures of Casey back. And to find out where Casey is buried so she can talk to her.

In todays issue of Steppin' Out magazine, Tila Tequila reaches out to the mags editor, Chaunce Hayden (once again) to vent her pain over not being invited to Casey's funeral and pleads with NY Jet owner, Woody Johnson to bring back her personal items so she can move on with her life. She doesn't want money from the Johnson's. But she does want Woody to tell her where Casey is buried so she can fly to NJ and visit her grave and tell her she loves her.

Tila Tequila

Chaunce Hayden: Is there anything you want to say to NJ Jet owner Woody Johnson?

Tila Tequila: I send my condelnces to the Johnson family but I'm forever heartbroken that they did not let me see the true love of my life at her funeral. She wanted me to be there. All I ever asked them was if I could please have my purse and pictures of Casey back that they took. That is all I ever wanted. I want to move on with my life from this heartbreaking tragedy. I just feel horrible that the Johnsons didn't bother giving me a chance to tell them about their daughter and what a beautiful, sweet girl she was who just wanted someone to love her. I'm sad that we couldn't all just come together for Caseys sake to mourn. Although I respect that they are her family, but I was her family too. Its just sad it all had to end this way because I was really looking forward to meeting them. But it is what it is now. I just wish that one day they can at least give me the info to where she was burried so I can go there alone to say goodbye to her as they never gave me the chance. They don't have to like me, but for their daughters sake, they should at least put into consideration that I loved her, took care of her and made her very happy her last days here on earth. I don't want money. I don't want to fight. I'm not angry. I'm just heartbroken that I missed her funeral and now I don't even know where my fiancee was buried so I can never ever even visit her grave to tell her how much I love her. But in my heart, no matter how much I hurt, I have to forgive those that hurt me for no reasson aside from being a loving person to Casey. It shouldn't matter that we were lesbians, but I know that played a huge factor in all of this becuase if I was a man, I know they would have treated me differently......

Paris and Nicky aren't the only Hilton's Tila Tequila hates!

In the next issue of Steppin' Out magazine, Tila Tequila tells Chaunce Hayden why she hates Perez Hilton.....

Perez Hilton

Tila Tiquila: As for Mario Lavendiera or whatever Perez Hilton's real name is..... well did you know that his last name in Spanish means doormat or Laundromat? I find it pretty funny and ironic. He's just someone who talks shit about everyone and people still walk all over him...Just like his name says. We have had a long history of disliking each other. I think Perez Hilton is just jealous because he so badly wants to be a sexy woman like me so he can get all the men that i can get. Luckily for him, I am a lesbian so it leaves him some more boys....Even though I don't think anyone in their right mind would ever want to be with someone so disgusting as him. When I hear his name the first thing that pops into my head is a picture of a pig.
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna


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