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Saturday, January 13, 2018


Perez Hilton

Gossip King Perez Hilton posted this video today. In it he is crying and says he is a addict. He say's not drugs or alcohol, but does not say why he is a addict. Sex Addict or what? 

CAPTION ON YOU TUBE: I am an addict. I was unsure if I should make this video. This is just step one of change that I need to make. I think this is healthy. I hope.


Perez, I met you right at the time you started to get fame at Sirius radio. We did many shows together. You were fun, we all went out for drinks and you seemed very happy, even know you were not famous yet, even know you could not pay your rent, you were happy. 

This business is a killer. Everyone takes and takes and you never can count of people to just "do the right thing".  After 30 years of photographing these celebrities, 30 years of doing television shows, I just got burnt out by being burned by all these people in the business and many so called friends.

Just shows you, money and famed can not make you happy. For many years I have been miserable and now I rarely go out, even know I am invited everywhere. It's always come have dinner with this famous person or that famous person and the catch phrase is always, "don't forget your camera".

It might be time to do what I did. Stay away from these celebrity parties, stay home day and night relaxing.  You run the business and don't let the business run you. Turn off your phones and computers, shut out the world. Don't answer the phone.  Do this every few days for a few days every time. 

Perez, you do not look good. Looks like you are not eating.  If things get worse, call for help. I am sorry this business has been so hard on you!

Monday, December 21, 2015


Ashley Benson

Saturday night, Ashley Benson of the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars was spotted at TAO Asian Bistro celebrating her 26th birthday with a group of friends. Benson was presented with a special birthday dessert after enjoying an array of favorites such as the Chilean sea bass and aged prime sirloin and broccoli with black bean sauce. Following dinner, the birthday girl’s group headed upstairs to join Kennedy’s group in the nightclub where the TAO staff led a joint birthday presentation and she danced the night away at her VIP table.

Tom Felton, also known as Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter, was spotted at TAO Asian Bistro Saturday night celebrating his brother’s 21st birthday. The group enjoyed the TAO shabu shabu, Singapore mei fun noodles, dragon tail spare ribs and salmon nigiri and a birthday dessert. After dinner, the group made their way upstairs to the nightclub where the TAO staff welcomed Felton's brother with a special birthday announcement while they took in the scene from their VIP table.

Perez Hilton was also spotted at Tao Asian Bistro on Saturday evening enjoying dinner with friends. The group enjoyed the Chilean sea bass, crispy coconut shrimp with spicy Thai peanut sauce and an order of crispy rice while sipping on the orchid cocktail.

Also spotted at LAVO Casino Club Friday night was celebrity chef and television personality Chef Ming Tsai. 

Monday, November 25, 2013


Perez Hilton On Wendy Williams

Celebrity gossip columnist, Perez Hilton, today shot back at Lady Gaga's recent comments in a Howard Stern interview about their falling out, telling Wendy Williams that his former friend has serious substance abuse issues, uses people and that there's no chance of a reconciliation between them.

"She said in an interview recently that I was a 'fake friend'. Now if you know anything, or one thing about Perez Hilton, I think, is that I am not fake and I keep it real. And, I viewed her as an IRL friend - in real life friend. I viewed her as more than just a friend. I jokingly nicknamed her 'my wifey'. To me she was that kind of friend."

"She hasn't really gone in depth about her issues. She said recently, over the last couple of years, she's had issues with drugs and alcohol. When we were filming that [interview] she got obliterated drunk, amongst other things." After they turned the cameras off while filming the interview, "She got really upset because I asked her about her boyfriend. And I'm like, I didn't ask anything inappropriate. Just me even bringing her boyfriend up set her off. But you know, when people are on drugs and alcohol, they behave irrationally, erratically and are mean to those they love."

Perez clarified his recent tweet about Gaga being a real life vampire: "She globs onto people, uses them and once they're no longer of use to her, will just throw them aside. That is what I've observed."

On being accused by Gaga of stalking her when apartment hunting: "I was looking at places and I didn't know she lived in that building. Everybody knows where she lives, I mean in her mind the world revolves around her. If I would have known she was in that building, I not have even looked at it in the first place."

Friday, May 13, 2011


Nicki Minaj

Michael Pena

Shenae Grimes


Perez Hilton

Dania Ramirez

Kelly Rowland

Alessandra Torresani

Heather Hemmen

Laura Slade Wiggins

Angus T. Jones

Olivia Munn

David Arquette

Caroline D'Amore

Arielle Winter

Pia Toscano

Samaire Armstrong

Camilla Luddington

Holand Roden

Holand Roden along with Arielle Winter, Shenae Grimes, Perez Hilton, Dania Ramirez, Ron Artest, David Arquette, Olivia Munn, Caroline D'Amore, Camilla Luddington and others attended The Launch Party for the Samsung Infuse held at the Milk Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Photos By: RD / Orchon / Retna Digital

Monday, April 25, 2011


Kat Graham With Perez Hilton

Saturday night Kat Graham hosted at LAVO. The actress and singer was joined by Perez Hilton for the night. The two took pictures and chatted with fans while at their table on the dance floor before Graham surprised the crowd with a surprise performance from the LAVO stage.

Earlier in the night Perez dined at LAVO, enjoying a feast including the Kobe Meatball, Tuna Tartare and Oreo Zeppole.

At TAO Rebecca Mader continued her birthday weekend celebration, dining at the Asian Bistro. The actress and friends sipped Sake along with dishes such as Satay Bass and Crab Fried Rice. After dinner they made their way to the nightclub to take in the sounds of DJ Vice.

Photos By: Brenton Ho/Powers Imagery

Sunday, November 21, 2010




Kelly And Sharon Osbourne

Saraj Shahi


Amber Lancaster

Olivia Wilde

David Arquette

Kelly Osbourne

Whitney Port

Paris Hilton

Chris Brown

Nicky Hilton

Kimora Lee Simmons

Katie Cassidy

Jenna Dewan-Tatum


Perez Hilton

Bridget Marquardt

Aubrey O'Day

Colbie Caillat

Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky along with Aubrey O'Day, Whitney Port, Paris Hilton, Katie Cassidy, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Ke$ha, David Arquette, Kelly Osbourne, Perez Hilton, Bridget Marquardt, Colbie Caillat and many more stars attended The Us Weekly 'Stars Who Care' Event held at The Colony in Los Angeles, California the other night.

Photos By: RD / Orchon / Retna Digital

Monday, July 05, 2010


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga In Concert

Lady Gaga celebrated her Independence Day at BORGATA HOTEL CASINO & SPA where "Mother Monster" relaxed in her suite and had a little fun with family and friends, even trying her hand at the Blackjack tables in the casino, after her highly anticipated sold-out 4th of July concert at Boardwalk Hall. After the show party-goers flocked to MIXX at BORGATA HOTEL CASINO & SPA to see Steve Aoki put on a sizzling spinning display hosted by the 'Queen of All Media' himself, Perez Hilton. Summer is heating up on the east coasts own Atlantic City.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Perez Hilton With Birthday Cake

Matt Goss With Robin Antin, Perez Hilton And Holly Madison

Matt Goss With Matt Goss And Robin Antin

Gossip queen Perez Hilton celebrated his 32nd birthday at TAO’s Worship. After hamming it up on the red carpet, Perez dined with friends. After feasting on his favorites from the TAO kitchen, Perez was surprised with a custom cake modeled after his dog Teddy. Headliner Matt Goss stopped by with Robin Antin to help Perez blow out the candles before the group headed up to the Moat skybox in the club to continue the celebration. Up in the nightclub the party grew, as Holly Madison arrived with Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, best friend Laura Croft as well as Peepshow co-star Josh Strickland. Cacee Cobb, who can currently be seen with Jessica Simpson in VH1’s Price of Beauty, arrived with boyfriend, Scrubs star Donald Faison and joined the celebration with a table next to the birthday boy. Everyone mingled and sipped champagne, with some of the crew donning special Vegas Vixen t-shirts Holly brought along. The pink cake made a second appearance as revelers in the packed club joined in to wish Perez a happy birthday.

Photos By: Al Powers

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


First Tila Tequila responded to her publicist dumping her to Steppin' Out magazine. Now Tila is reaching out via Steppin' Out to NJ Jet owner to beg for her purse and pictures of Casey back. And to find out where Casey is buried so she can talk to her.

In todays issue of Steppin' Out magazine, Tila Tequila reaches out to the mags editor, Chaunce Hayden (once again) to vent her pain over not being invited to Casey's funeral and pleads with NY Jet owner, Woody Johnson to bring back her personal items so she can move on with her life. She doesn't want money from the Johnson's. But she does want Woody to tell her where Casey is buried so she can fly to NJ and visit her grave and tell her she loves her.

Tila Tequila

Chaunce Hayden: Is there anything you want to say to NJ Jet owner Woody Johnson?

Tila Tequila: I send my condelnces to the Johnson family but I'm forever heartbroken that they did not let me see the true love of my life at her funeral. She wanted me to be there. All I ever asked them was if I could please have my purse and pictures of Casey back that they took. That is all I ever wanted. I want to move on with my life from this heartbreaking tragedy. I just feel horrible that the Johnsons didn't bother giving me a chance to tell them about their daughter and what a beautiful, sweet girl she was who just wanted someone to love her. I'm sad that we couldn't all just come together for Caseys sake to mourn. Although I respect that they are her family, but I was her family too. Its just sad it all had to end this way because I was really looking forward to meeting them. But it is what it is now. I just wish that one day they can at least give me the info to where she was burried so I can go there alone to say goodbye to her as they never gave me the chance. They don't have to like me, but for their daughters sake, they should at least put into consideration that I loved her, took care of her and made her very happy her last days here on earth. I don't want money. I don't want to fight. I'm not angry. I'm just heartbroken that I missed her funeral and now I don't even know where my fiancee was buried so I can never ever even visit her grave to tell her how much I love her. But in my heart, no matter how much I hurt, I have to forgive those that hurt me for no reasson aside from being a loving person to Casey. It shouldn't matter that we were lesbians, but I know that played a huge factor in all of this becuase if I was a man, I know they would have treated me differently......

Paris and Nicky aren't the only Hilton's Tila Tequila hates!

In the next issue of Steppin' Out magazine, Tila Tequila tells Chaunce Hayden why she hates Perez Hilton.....

Perez Hilton

Tila Tiquila: As for Mario Lavendiera or whatever Perez Hilton's real name is..... well did you know that his last name in Spanish means doormat or Laundromat? I find it pretty funny and ironic. He's just someone who talks shit about everyone and people still walk all over him...Just like his name says. We have had a long history of disliking each other. I think Perez Hilton is just jealous because he so badly wants to be a sexy woman like me so he can get all the men that i can get. Luckily for him, I am a lesbian so it leaves him some more boys....Even though I don't think anyone in their right mind would ever want to be with someone so disgusting as him. When I hear his name the first thing that pops into my head is a picture of a pig.
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna