Adam Lambert

"American Idol" star Adam Lambert has a mentor in Madonna, after she gave him career advice during a guitar lesson at her New York City home. Adam was stunned when he discovered his guitarist was Madonna's guitar teacher, and thrilled when he was invited to her house for a music lesson. Lambert told Oprah, "That was actually the first time I can remember getting super star struck ... I had a great conversation with her. My guitar player is her guitar teacher and, we were both in New York, and he said, 'You know, I'm giving her a guitar lesson. Would you like to come over?' "I went to her house ... and she came in in, like, no make-up, yoga wear, just totally Zen. ... She walked into the room and her presence is very powerful ... and, at first, I could tell she was kinda checking me out ... and the first thing I said to her was, 'Oh my God.' "I talked to her about celebrity and how to deal with it all and she gave me a couple of words of wisdom -- she said, 'Just keep your eye on the prize and put your blinders up and don't get sidetracked with all the extra fuss.'"
Photos By: RD/Cortes/Dziekan/Retna