Bruce Willis

Actor Bruce Willis will never resort to cosmetic surgery to keep his very good looks, because the star "really doesn't care" about his appearance. The ex. Hubby of beautiful Demi Moore, is admitting he doesn't indulge in a skin care routine, and he would never consider going under the knife. He tells Fox News, "Cosmetic stuff, I am not a fan of it and I know a lot of people are. It's a big business and anytime you can make a lot of money off something it is going to stick around. I don't plan on cutting myself up, you would be surprised, there are a lot of male actors that think about it just as much as women do. I don't think about it very often. I don't really care." But Bruce, who wed 31 year old model Emma Heming earlier this year, is very adamant he is still in good shape - and feels about half his age. He adds, "I am surprised when I'm reminded of my age. I still feel like I'm about twenty four years old. I could still whoop a lot of guys a**es if I have to."
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna