Lindsay Lohan

Bosses at a New York club have reopened their doors to Licking Lindsay Lohan, after she was banned for allegedly accusing Justin Timberlake of cheating on his girlfriend at the venue. Lohan caused a commotion when she wrote on her web page in June, "So dark - where's jb cheater?". The message had suggested Timberlake was with another girl at Manhattan's Avenue club, behind his lover Jessica Biel's back. The pair later laughed off the rumors and Lohan denied the message was from her at all, insisting her account had been hacked. But the club's head honchos barred Licking Lohan, and warned any other celebrities visiting the premises that they would "no longer be welcome at Avenue" if they mentioned fellow celebrities' antics on the internet. Lohan was only allowed back in earlier this month after promising to behave herself, according to New York gossip column PageSix. A source tells the publication, "She (Lohan) besieged the management with calls and e-mails to let her back in, and she promised to be on her best behavior."
Photo By: RD/Kabik/Retna