Tyra Banks

Television host Tyra Banks has made Perez Hilton promise to stop writing horrible stories about underage stars and their children after Hollywood star Demi Moore lashed out at the celebrity blogger for targeting her daughter Tallulah. Demi slammed Hilton last week over a set of "inappropriate" pictures of her 15 year old daughter, accusing him of "exploiting" teenagers. Moore claimed the photos of her young child wearing a low cut top and a revealing pair of shorts, compared to "child pornography" and called Hilton a "pervert." It has now been revealed that just days before Moore’s outburst, the gossip king filmed an episode of Tyra's show where she made him vow to stop bad-mouthing stars under the age of 18. In the show, recorded on August 18th, Banks tells Hilton, "When you’re a kid, especially the kid of a celebrity, I don’t feel they should be put in the public in a way to be made fun of. I feel they should be protected." Tyra asked Hilton to rein in his gossip for a year, but the pair compromised with a six-month deal in return for Hilton being offered a guest role on Banks’ other show America’s Next Top Model. The show airs on September 8th.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna


Anonymous said…
Perez is a pig and why anyone even has him on tv is beyond me.He's a waste of space.