Paula Abdul With Simon Cowell And Randy Jackson

American Idol's Simon Cowell is reaching out to former judge Paula Abdul following her departure from the television show, dismissing rumors of a rift between the couple. Paula quit her role on the judging panel earlier this month, following a reported dispute with the shows bosses over her multi-million dollar contract. The show has brought in celebrity guests judges, including Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry and Mary J. Blige, to fill in for Abdul, as he searches for a replacement. But the music king is adamant he's not bitter about Abdul's decision to quit and is insisting he will always be a friend to her. He tells Fox news, "She's taken the decision in her life now, which you have to respect her for making the decision. I didn't want to get involved in what was going on because it wasn't really any of my business but I spoke to her a lot through the whole process. "I always thought she was the heart of the show. I'm not the heart, I'm not even the brain actually. But she was the heart, so you've taken that away so it's a different show. I'm sad, I am. I'll probably see her next week. I'm going to listen to what she wants to do next. I will support her in anything she wants to do next. I think she is TV gold, genuinely."
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna