Daniel Radcliffe

Sexy Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is very convinced that Hollywood celebrities inform the paparazzi of their whereabouts, because he rarely has problems with photographers trailing him. Daniel slips into movie theatres and shops without fans recognising him all the time, and can recall every time he has met a snapper on the street since becoming famous from the Potter movies. The actor, who turns 20 today, can not understand why his fellow A-listers complain about having their every move followed. He tells Empire magazine, "I don’t understand how people get recognised and turn up in (magazines) as often as they do. They must call them (snappers) up and tell them, otherwise I don’t get it. I’ve had so few problems with paparazzi. I’ve probably had four incidents in all this time. If they don’t know where you are then they’re not there." But Radcliffe insists he has no problems with Potter fanatics or photographers approaching him: "Some of my friends get annoyed about people coming up to me, but it’s fine and perfectly normal. You just get used to the fame thing."
Editors Extra: Now Daniel Radcliffe has class. He always poses and he is always polite. And he is right that so many stars tip us off. They are hungry for the press. If you want to be left alone, a real star has money and can go anywhere they want where there won't be any paparazzi. I have several stars who I split the money with when they tip us off. Maybe Chace Crawford can take a lesson from this much bigger star !
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna