It has been very quiet on the Britney Spears front, but now she's hitting the news again. Britney decided not to bring her sons to Russia during her tour, after she was reportedly left very upset by several death threats. Britney has been travelling through Europe with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James as she is performing her live Circus show across the continent. Britney has been inundated with a series of threatening e-mail messages, and now she is refusing to bring her sons with her as she played her first ever show in Russia, leaving them with family members in London. Spears also decided against staying in the country herself, spending the night in Finland and jetting to St Petersburg. Britney will fly back to Moscow to perform at the capital tomorrow, before taking her private jet back to London to be with her boys. A tour spokesperson reportedly told British newspaper The Sun, "Originally, both boys were to accompany Britney but she was against taking them because of these constant threats."
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna