Angelina Jolie

Sexy Angelina Jolie is reportedly signing with top fashion house Emporio Armani to become the face of their new hot perfume. Angelina is said to be fronting the advertising campaign for the as-yet-unknown fragrance and sources claim she is proving to be a hands-on spokesperson. A source tells hit show "The Insider," "For this fragrance push, they needed a true A-lister, and Angelina is the biggest, most dynamic female star in the world."She's giving a lot of input on that stuff (ad campaign) already, picking the photographers and directors. The campaign is going to be bold."More gossip is flying that Jolie may be teaming up with Armani's other famous spokesmodel, soccer star David Beckham, for a very steamy photo shoot. Another insider tells Web site, "When you have David Beckham and Angelina Jolie signed up to your fashion house, it's a no-brainer to link them up."They appeal to a diverse audience and a collaboration would create so much publicity it would push Armani head and shoulders above their rivals. There are a few contract issues to be addressed but marketing experts are being tasked with coming up with clever ideas for a print campaign."
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna