Wild party girl Amy Winehouse may have brought on her recent ridiculing at the hands of rap star Eminem, after she reportedly snubbed his offer of working together. Eminem was hoping the Rehab singer would be able to help deliver him another hit like 2000’s Stan, on which he collaborated with British pop star Dido. But Winehouse passed up the chance to work with the the star on his forthcoming comeback record Relapse, according to the British newspaper The Sun.A source tells the publication, "Eminem has followed Amy’s career closely. They have both had drug addiction issues and he empathises with her and hoped to feature her on (comeback album) Relapse. His idea was to make a track as magical as Stan. But unfortunately Amy declined."He understands that recently she hasn’t been in a state to focus on music because of her tumultuous private life but he hopes they will get together on a future project." But that didn’t stop Eminem from mocking Winehouse in his upcoming single We Made You, with lyrics including, "You're my Amy, I’m your Blake/ Matter fact make me a birthday cake/ With a saw blade in it to make my jail break/ Baby, I think you just met your soul mate".