Lickers Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson

Licking Lohan is restraining herself in her bitter breakup from lesbian Samantha Ronson. Ronson's family is pursuing a restraining order against the former actress, according to several media reports. The mother of Samantha, Ann Dexter-Jones, and her twin sister, designer Charlotte Ronson, visited the Beverly Hills Police Department yesterday to look into filing the order against Lohan, a police officer confirmed to Us Weekly. "She does these things to get attention," Charlotte told a clerk, per OK! magazine. "She was trying to get into my party this weekend. We had to tell security to keep her out. Then she booked a room at the Chateau Marmont. Her room was right below. ... She also followed our brother Mark around."Lohan, who is reportedly devastated by the lesbian breakup, had to be restrained by at least five bodyguards while trying to get into Charlotte's party this weekend, while Samantha spined music inside. Licking Lohan later took to her private Twitter account, accusing Samantha of cheating on her. But mom Ann Dexter-Jones had more serious allegations. "[Lindsay] was doing drugs," she said of the party incident. "And we could not sleep that night at the Chateau. She was complaining about the music and noise coming from upstairs. She was trying to get attention so that Sam could come down." Added Ann: "She cuts herself too. She is a cutter!" According to Charlotte, Lohan even broke into their hotel room. "She does these acts of public humiliation. It is all for attention ... She was also got physical with Mark." Samantha's family was instructed to file a petition for a restraining order at the Santa Monica courthouse. Lohan confirmed her split with Samantha to E!, telling the network, "We are taking a brief break so I can focus on myself."
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