Licking Lindsay Lohan is comparing her breakup from lesbian girlfriend Samantha Ronson to scenes from her 2004 movie "Mean Girls," and is insisting the last few days have been "absolute hell."The pair ended their media romance at the end of last week amid accusations that Ronson cheated on the former star. Lohan prompted rumors of a breakup on Friday night when she took to her Twitter page to complain about her partner, calling Ronson a "cheat." Licking Lindsay claims the DJ ended their relationship on Friday and stepped up security at the Los Angeles California Chateau Marmont hotel to stop her attending a family gathering. The very next day Ronson was seen changing the locks on the Hollywood Hills home that she shared with Lohan. Lohan is now speaking out about Friday's incident, calling it the "worst night" of her life, and is admitting she is baffled by how the hot romance ended. She tells, "It's (been) absolute hell. The worst night of my life. I'm not a bad person and this is what happens. I was raised to treat people well, and I'm so tired of this drama."And Lohan also insists that all of her friends abandoned her during the crisis, comparing the situation to the bullying girl gangs of her flop teen film. She adds, "(I feel) so alone. Everyone's turned on me. I'm a [bleep] 22-year-old girl who's in love. I felt like I was in 'Mean Girls,' but worse: 'Mean Girls' was a movie. I'm just really hurt! The whole situation is sick." Meanwhile Ronson is denying taking out a restraining order against Lohan. Ronson's attorney, David Bass, insists the break-up will not be dragged through the courts. He tells, "Samantha has no plan to request a restraining order. There is no basis for one."While an insider adds, "Sam does not want a restraining order against Lindsay Lohan. Sam and Lindsay are broken up, but Sam does not feel she's in any danger whatsoever. She thinks the whole thing is absurd."