Singing Jennifer Lopez received thousands of dollars worth of jewelry for hosting a Hollywood fashion launch. The pop star and actress, borrowed $50,000 worth of diamonds from Swiss billionaire Robert Mouawad so she'd shine as she helped host the launch of fashion designer pal Andrea Lieberman's new line last week. According to media reports, Gwen Stefani, Leah Remini and Ellen Pompeo also borrowed bling, which was all returned the following day, unlike Lopez, who received the jewels as a gift from Mr. Mouawad. And responding to reports the singer demanded to keep the jewelry, the star's spokesperson Benny Medina insists Lopez actually negotiated a deal to bag the entire collection in exchange for her presence. He tells the New York Post's gossip column Page Six: "There was no demand whatsoever. There was an offer. It was very clear. "She was the only celebrity whose name was on the invite. She would have done it for nothing. But this was how it was presented. It was quite a generous offer."
Photo By: RD / Dziekan / Retna Digital