Reality show star Paris Hilton has bought a London Mansion. The new home is just doors away from rehab singer Amy Winehouse, according to reports. Icon Paris, purchased the beautiful $2.9 million trendy home in the heart of the city’s Camden district, after she spent time in the U.K. filming her reality Television show Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend. And according to British newspaper the Sunday Mirror, Hilton plans to spend another $365,000 improving the property.Neighbor's include Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding, Blur rocker Graham Coxon and wild Amy Winehouse. A source tells the publication, "Paris started looking for a base when she was last in the U.K. to film her reality show, Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend. "She wanted lots of room for her friends from L.A. to sleep over. She will be spending a lot of the time in the U.K., so she wants somewhere comfortable and quiet similar to her place in L.A."
Photo By: RD/Kabik/Retna