A California court hearing has been scheduled to review former toxic singer Britney Spears temporary restraining order against her former manager and friend Sam Lutfi and ex-boyfriend paparazzi Adnan Ghalib this month. The pop singer’s lawyers petitioned for the order on Friday, after Spears reportedly told her conservators - her father, Jamie, and lawyer Andrew Wallet - that she feared Lutfi would attempt another legal attack on the conservatorship, according TMZ.Spears’ estate was permanently placed under their care last October, following a series of very public meltdowns. According to, court documents allege Lutfi attempted to contact Spears through her hairdresser and one of Jamie’s lawyers; he is also accused of sending "anonymous, harassing and threatening" messages to the singer’s father. Jamie also alleges his daughter continues to tell Ghalib details of her whereabouts so that he can then "arrange for paparazzi to meet and film her to his financial benefit." Jon Eardley, a lawyer hired by Lutfi to argue the conservatorship last year, was also named in the court injunction. Documents continue, "On the first anniversary of the establishment of the conservatorship, the co-conservators are informed and believe that these three figures are working in concert to disrupt the conservatorship, with an utter disregard for Ms Spears’ health and well being." Spears let a temporary restraining order against Lutfi expire in July, and many blame Lutfi for the series of emotional crises that lead to her losing custody of her two sons with Kevin Federline. The pop star has been granted a court hearing on February 23rd to review the temporary order, which forbids Ghalib, Lutfi and Eardley from contacting Spears, her parents and sons.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna