We really do not like doing stories on The Alec Baldwin family. After all, I spent almost 10 years fighting them in court. Except for Billy, we found that this family is one of the most self centered mean families I have ever met. We lost years of our life because of the greed and the dis-trust these people have for the world and the way they treat good people. The secrets this family hides are endless. And I know many of them. If anyone needs to know why Daniel is so messed up, you need to only ask one of his sisters. We will not say more. We will reveal alot of these secrets when we do our life story with the rich and famous early next year. As we ended our widely publicized court case a while back, the jury was shocked to hear that Baldwin Mom Carol was on salary as was her daughter. They were shocked to hear that mama Baldwin's historic apartment in Stony Brook as well as her food, cable, phone, car were all paid out of the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer fund. To think you have rich children and you go to schools collecting pennies from school children, that they saved from their lunch money and then spend it on salaries for family members. When I think about so many good people that were hurt by this family. The list is endless. The mind also boggles when you think about all the bad press the Long Island charity got and not one person from the Attorney Generals office investigated. Sources told us because of all the bad press, donations were reduced greatly. Then we find out Mama Baldwin also started another upstate charity. We figured this was done because the majority of the bad press was downstate in New York City and Long Island. The people upstate didn't read about the whole mess. A fresh start for the Baldwin clan. Anyway the following story was sent to us from Chaunce Hayden from the very popular New York area magazine Steppin Out. You can believe it or not, we do.

If you're looking to interview Daniel Baldwin, you better have your check book near by. The least famous of the Baldwin siblings is offering his time for media coverage at A price. His current rep, Bob DeBrino allegedly pitched Baldwin to Steppin' Out editor, Chaunce Hayden for a cover story and photo shoot. However, the conversation came to a quick halt when DeBrino asked, "So how money do you guys pay for interviews?" Hayden replied, "Huh?" DeBrino answered, "What... did you think Daniel would talk to anyone for free? He's a Baldwin!" Hayden finished the sales pitch with: "Sorry, but I was thinking of asking you the same question... How much do we get if we put a Baldwin that nobody cares about on the cover?"

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Photo By: Walter McBride/Retna