James Edstrom and Carol Baldwin leave court.

The case that took 10 years to go to court is finally over. After 2 days of gruling testimony, with the shit flying everywhere, it is over. Though I can't give many details, I can only say the case has been resolved. But details can be found at:
I am sorry it had to get down to a 10 year battle. I am very pleased with the results and I am thankful to Sandra Gabriel, Joan Hudson and my great Lawyer John McHugh. I am also very thankful to the great Judge Emily Pines who resided over the case and was very fair to both sides. The Jurors: I thanked each and every one as they left the court. They did a great job in a sometimes wild soap opera. I also apolgize to some of the reporters like Luis Perez from Newsday for snapping at times as there were some dirty tricks being played by the other side, like telling Newsday that I was not a celebrity photographer, that I was just a waiter which was a down right lie. Neil Greenberg lawyer for the Baldwins also threw another lie at the jury and media when he said the exclusive photograph I was supposed to recieve as payment for my work for the Baldwins, was taken by one of my photographers. The highlight of the case I think for me was when we got Dr. Meek who serves on the Board Of Directors of the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Fund, to admit that Carol Baldwin got paid for her work and so did her daughter. They did not do it for free. They got paid. And another highlight was Dr. Meek admitting he knew Carol Baldwin had started another charity in upstate New York. How many cash cows do the Baldwins need?
This case was never about money. It was about justice !
You will have to wait for the movie !


monalisamouse said…
James: I am happy for you. Way to go. You hung in there and justice prevailed.