Tony Noto With Betrice From Surrrotica And Robert Bernard

TONY NOTO's Murray Hill Wines at 34th and Third went to the dogs today, with a small reception for a new product called GOOD BOY CABERNET ... from Les Compagnons Wines. Each bottle sold, and there were at least 25 or so moved, a percentage is donated to two of NY's premiere Animal Charities ... THE TOBY PROJECT and SAVE ANIMALS IN VETERINARY EMERGENCY. The former, rescues strays and attempts to find them proper homes, while the latter deals with all emergencies that our four-footed-friends can come into contact with. Noto, a dog owner himself, jumped at the opportunity to bring some much need visibility to these two charities. Celebrity-writer MARK BEGO (whose newest opus MACHO MAN is out next week via Greenwood Press) and ROBERT BERNARD, the producer and creator of Surrotica also attended the fete. Bego is in town for the PBA Widows and Orphans luncheon at Bridegwater's at South Street Seaport and a stint on WOR's JOEY REYNOLDS SHOW. Bego was a guest on the PRICE IS RIGHT on CBS last week (meeting with host DREW CAREY) and is currently finishing his project for next year, on ELTON JOHN. "It's a Herculean project," said Bego. Surrotica will formally bow in the New Year as it is putting together a vigorous schedule of activity ... more to follow.