Lindsay Lohan

Licking lesbian Samantha Ronson is benefiting from her close relationship with fellow licker Lindsay Lohan. The DJ's booking fee has reportedly increased by nearly twenty times since she began dating the former actress. Lohan has refused to confirm the nature of her relationship with Ronson, but she has been romantically linked to her since they were spotted kissing and cuddling at a party in Cannes, France, earlier this year. And Ronson, who was allegedly hospitalized on Sunday with exhaustion, is certainly benefiting from her relationship with Lindsay. Her appearance fee is said to have jumped from around $1,500 to as much as $25,000 since she became close to Lohan. A source tells Britain's Daily Express, "While Sam never contractually agrees that Lindsay will show up to her shows, promoters, owners and publicists all know that if you book Sam, there's a high likelihood Lindsay will also show."Sam's now asking for a lot more money to spin and she's getting it easily."
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