High powered lawyers acting on the behalf of Simon Cowell are warning U.K. newspapers not to harass the music king. The warning comes after a journalist planted a bugging device underneath his expensive car. The "American Idol" judge became suspicious his movements were being monitored, and his fears were confirmed when a security sweep uncovered a hi-tech spy device attached to the undercarriage of his $211,000 Bentley Continental. Cowell has since found out a journalist was responsible, and although he has decided not to call in the police, lawyers acting for the music boss have told newspapers to back off. Cowell's publicist, Max Clifford, says, "It is a step too far. He's been in this business for years. We're not making a song and dance about it, but it is unlawful."He is not a suspected terrorist. We've found out who the journalist is and we have decided to send out a note to the other papers asking them to refrain from that sort of thing."