A couple who sold a horrible video of singer Amy Winehouse allegedly smoking crack cocaine to a British newspaper have pleaded guilty to drug charges. Johnny Blagrove and Cara Burton admitted in a London court yesterday that they offered to supply drugs, including cocaine and ecstasy, to rehab singer Winehouse. Prosecutors say the pair covertly filmed Winehouse and sold the footage to The Sun newspaper. In January the paper published the shocking photos, which appeared to show the singer smoking the addictive drug crack. Detectives decided there was not enough evidence to charge Winehouse but they charged the couple and went after them. Prosecutor Sean Larkin says police who raided the couple's home found a list of celebrities they supplied with drugs, including Winehouse. A judge ordered the couple to return Nov. 28 for sentencing.


Anonymous said…
About time.

Addictions take supervision. Amy does not have the ability to protect her ownself. Finally, society has decided to assist her.

May she grow from this experience and may her spiral down be halted.
Gifted members of society should not be allowed to disintegrate for what does that say about society?