Licking Lindsay Lohan

Licking loser Lindsay Lohan is slamming the paparazzi, calling the ever-present celebrity snappers "rough and dangerous."Lohan has long been a target for photographers, but interest in the star has risen sharply since she began dating lesbian DJ Samantha Ronson. And Lohan insists that she often finds the constant presence of paparazzi in Los Angeles California too overwhelming. She tells "Access Hollywood," "They're kind of rough in L.A. They're dangerous with their cars and they don't listen to you no matter what. They're always outside the house, whether the cops ask them to not be there or not." Licking Lohan also is insisting that she would love to strike a deal with the photographers, but she doubts any of them would abide by it. She adds, "I feel like, (the paparazzi) should get a lot of shots in the beginning of the day, and then leave me alone. I get my space, they get their shots, they're doing my job (sic) and I get to live a life. So there's got to be some sort of balance but I don't think me saying it has ever done much."