A press representative for the morning show "The View" has been forced to deny media rumors that of an off-set feud between co-hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar. The relationship between the couple, famed for their heated on-air debates over their political views, has reportedly become so strained that they have been involved in screaming matches backstage.According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the animosity between the pair "has gotten so ugly, they only speak on air or when a camera is anywhere in their vicinity." The rumors stem from the pair's angry conversations about the forthcoming presidential elections. Hasselbeck is a staunch Republican and John McCain supporter, while Behar is backing Democratic candidate Barack Obama. But a spokesperson for the popular ABC program refutes the claims, insisting rumors of a feud between the two hosts have been around since they started the show.The representative tells, "These fabricated rumors about alleged dissension between Elisabeth and Joy are as untrue today as they were yesterday, a week ago and when the rumor(s) first started." The denial comes just days after fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg revealed Hasselbeck receives death threats from angry anti-Republican viewers.