Pop singing star Madonna is reportedly having religious counseling to help her get through her mean divorce from director Guy Ritchie. The former happy couple announced last week that they are splitting up following seven years of marriage and there has been intense media speculation regarding the financial and custodial settlement between the two. Madonna has carried on with her Sticky & Sweet world tour, and is allegedly turning to Kabbalah for "anger management" to help deal with her emotions. A source tells Britain's The Sun, "Madonna is very angry with Guy - about his cold treatment of her in the marriage, about the nasty details of their marriage that have leaked out, and about the money he is demanding. "She's furious that he feels entitled to get a lot of cash, while she's the one working her ass off on tour. "She is getting help from a Kabbalah counselor who is helping her try to put aside her anger, so they can settle the divorce as quickly as possible for the sake of the children. The counselor is telling her she will meet her soul mate but first has to calm her anger."