Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor has travelled to Britain to "say goodbye" to relatives, according to media reports. The ailing star uses a wheelchair and is thought to be suffering from congestive heart failure. And reports claim she is in such poor health that she has visited family members in the U.K. to bid them farewell. New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams says, "She may now be sort of putting things in order. Accompanied by aides, Elizabeth flew to spend time with her British family and has only just returned home."What you’re being told is, ‘It was as though she was feeling she wanted to say goodbye to them’." Taylor was born in Hampstead, London to American parents in 1932. Her family returned to the U.S. shortly after World War II began, but has always held both British and American passports.


Anonymous said…
It is good to be able to put your affairs in order and I am glad Ms. Taylor has this opportunity. It is good to be surrounded by loved ones and know your ARE loved. That your life has been appreciated by others.


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