Tasty Egg Wrap

Fried Egg Like Never Before

Race to a screeching halt: Don't pop that vitamin pill in your mouth instead of breakfast! Why waste a perfectly good carb on a vitamin (Yes, secret eater, even vitamin pills have cholesterol) when you can pig out on a great, big breakfast without adding girth to your boyish figure? Well, not by much anyhow. Perhaps best known as a popular contestant on Season 3 of Bravo’s hit show “Top Chef” C.J. (aka Chris Jacobson, former volleyball champ and current six-foot-eight-inch, 34-year-old-heart-throb-super-chef) has actually developed a new breakfast menu worth staying the night at any Hilton Garden Inn to nosh. First, he roasted a brisket over night to tender shreds (then soaked out the fat before the juicy beef to strands of 'sweating' onions with high-vitamin kale and a little olive oil) before ladling the melange over a wedge of whole grain bread, topped it off with a poached egg. For taste, he added a scoop of fresh roasted (which means crunchy on the outside; gooey on the inside) sweet potatoes. After licking the plate, we moved on to his Greek yogurt delight (he adds a little lime juice, lemon zest) and granola spiked with flax seed topped with gorgeous red-all-the-way through strawberries. Just in case we hadn't hit the the carb heights, he whipped up a few waffles (the mix is for sale in a signature bag for your at-home gobbling pleasure), drizzled with frozen blueberries that had been reduced and reduced and reduced to what looked like a high-cal blue sludge, but tasted like a satisfying -- almost dietary -- compote with a little sprig of thyme. The effects will lasted until dinner. Or until we find another Hilton Garden Inn on the map!
Photos By: Ann Watt