Former Spice Girls singer Geri Halliwell has stripped off for her first bikini photo shoot in seven years, insisting she is finally comfortable with her body.Geri has battled eating disorders throughout her career but is adamant she is now fit and well after giving birth to her daughter Bluebell in 2006. And in a new spread for British magazine Hello! the star is seen proudly showing off her sexy body in a tiny white swimming outfit. She says, "People think I'm really confident but I do get self-conscious like many women about stripping off in public."I haven't been willingly photographed in a bikini for seven years, and I don't think I'll do it again. At the moment I'm a bit curvier having done the tour so it was a big mental step forward for me to show my natural self rather than my worked-out honed self."The singer admits that living with her demons is a constant battle but insists she is now happy with her healthy eating regime.She adds, "I did strive to have my most perfect body and in moments when I lack confidence that voice is always there waiting to tell me 'You are not good enough do better' but I'm more conscious of it."It used to be the loudest voice in my head but now I just tell it 'Shut up.'"