Dance music's legendary CRYSTAL WATERS landed in New York City today for a whirlwind series of events. The artist, who has the global recognition of being the writer and singer of one of the most popular songs of the 90s ("Gypsy Woman, She's Homeless)") has logged an incredible string of 16 Number One dance hits - internationally, is gearing up for the next step in her career ... launching her own cosmetic line. Let's not forget that "Gypsy Woman" appeared on the Number One album RED, HOT & DANCE, alongside such other artists as Madonna; GEORGE MICHAEL; SEAL; LISA STANSFIELD; and, PM DAWN. That album was immensely popular and was a benefit disc for AIDS research, and validated her as a darling of the gay dance community.First stop was Sirius Radio (which was just successfully merged with XM Radio last week), where she was the subject of a major interview by Sirius' LARRY FLICK; Flick himself a former writer for BILLBOARD MAGAZINE. Next stop was PLANET HOLLYWOOD where she was greeted with much fanfare from the restaurant's staff, including the always delightful ANDREA ROMAN, the operations director there. Waters was gifted with several items from the restaurant, and was joined by her manager VITO BRUNO (yes, that Vito Bruno!), where they spoke about her upcoming appearances at the Bruno-produced BEATSTOCK shows, at Jones Beach next week, and in New Jersey the following weekend. A little known fact about Waters came up during both meetings: that she is the great-niece of the 1930's singing star ETHEL WATERS, and Crystal said she'd love to be in a movie about her. Are you listening Hollywood? She also revealed that she was once a model for the Ford Agency and from that time on always thought that her now imminent cosmetic line would be a natural approach. "I'm very excited to have this opportunity to launch this line. It will have a lot of minerals in it from the ocean, and natural ingredients like seaweed."Her last hit record, "Destination Calabria" went Number One in several territories. Her current release, "Dancefloor" is shaping up to be another major hit internationally. All clear head, for Miss Crystal Waters!