Big Hipped Jill Zarin

Like the mythical Japanese monster Godzilla, Bridezilla has Returned - And she ain't Pretty! Real Housewives of New York's Jill Zarin pulled a alleged Star Jones like tantrum in East Hampton's tony Scoop boutique the other day. The auburn haired, nasally voiced fabric garmento made a stop at the trendy boutique to pick up a few togs. After selecting two tank tops and a pair of shorts - total cost $220 - she asked for her "special" discount. When the young girl checked, she told Jill she was not on their regular discount list at which point the domestic diva went into a another alleged rage demanding to speak to the manager.When the manager appeared, she told Zarin she had received the discount one time as she had worn it on an episode but was not on their special list. Zarin threw a hissy fit of such proportions that the sales staff were cowering as she screamed at the manager, allegedly telling her " You'll never be worn on my show again, I'll ruin you. I'm going to your competitor Calypso and they'll get all the credit on my show". Then the huffy housewife stormed out leaving customers with gaping mouths.A customer who recognized the daughter of another Real Housewives star, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps,in the shopping crowd told her, "Don't worry dear, she's not the class of your mother. She'll soon disappear like the rest of her low class kind".


swissmiss said…
How wonderful that someone actually stood up to a customer making an unreasonable demand.

And the caption calls her 'big hipped.' She'll love that.