It Costs Money To Live In Times Square

Today I am really pissed off. I have gotten around ten e-mails today inviting me to events and the last line is "Don't forget your camera." Several people called me to invite me to lunch or dinner today and said," Your get great shots." When is the greed and the cheapness of these public relations people and agents going to end. Why don't you just come out and say, I want you to take photos, instead of inviting me to something as a guest then expecting me to work. We do not take free photos. Get this through your head all you users. We have been in this business for over 23 years. We are syndicated worldwide. Our photos appear in almost every magazine and television show. We are one of the best photographers around and we get paid for our work. One Hampton's-New York City publicist feeds me story after story yet she always hires other photographers. When I complain, she says someone else hired them. That line works a couple of times, but now I just laugh because I can't believe she thinks I'm that stupid. Besides the point, I have know her since she came to NYC and over the years I have given her so many photos that cost me a small fortune because film and processing way back then was expensive. Now she will call me and ask me for pics, when I know she had someone there who she hired and I tell her why didn't she just hire me. Same old answer, he didn't get the right people together. Well being a celebrity photographer takes more than pushing a button. You have to get the right people together to make the shot work. You have to move fast and you have to be good. It's not my fault that you keep hiring these photographers that show up late and miss the key shots. Stop asking me for them. NO MORE ! Nice Instant message today from some publicist I adore, say's come to lunch and you will get great shots of this celebrity. Same publicist that a few weeks ago invited me to a event at some restaurant owned by some celebrity and he had another hired photographer. Meanwhile, I had done some nice stories on this restaurant. He denied the photographer was hired and while he's saying this, I see the owner hand the photographer cash. He offered to send me a check the next day, and I told him I didn't want the money. It was about loyalty. I'm there for you and you should be there for me. I don't need your items. I don't need your below adverage photos from the photographer you hired. I don't need a free dinner and most of all, I don't need you !


Nancy said…
Right on James. I wouldnt do it either. Everybody wants something for free including people who can well afford the costs of hiring you and your crew. Stick to your guns.
Thanks Nancy......Just tired of the greed and the users.....
Anonymous said…
Doctors and lawyers used to complain about the same thing. They would be invited for "social events" and then get asked questions or provide services for which they would normally charge a client.

If you are getting used this way you SHOULD speak out!!! I am glad you did. (Perhaps the cheapos think you are paid for your work with the "free" bar and buffet!!!)

passing thru