Supermodel Christie Brinkley and her nasty husband Peter Cook have reached a settlement in their New York divorce trial. After eight days of high drama in a New York, Long Island court, the former couple finally agreed on the terms of child custody and division of assets today, following all-night talks at a New York City hotel.The settlement gives Brinkley sole custody of the pair’s two children - Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10 - but allows Cook "ample parenting time". The Hampton's beauty, has also been awarded all real estate holdings, while Cook walks away with a $2.1 million pay off. Brinkley and Cook’s lawyers and their children’s law guardian began talks on Wednesday evening in the hope of bringing their very high-profile divorce to a close. Over the course of the trial, testimony included revelations of Cook’s affair with teenager Diana Bianchi and his alleged $3,000 monthly Internet porn habit. Brinkley’s lawyer, Robert Cohen, announced: "I’m very pleased to report to the court that with much hard work… we have reached an agreement. It was executed at about 6.15 a.m. We worked through the night and we also appreciate that Your Honor gave us the time with which to make the agreement." Cohen added that Brinkley will acquire "sole custody and final decision making of the children after communication with Mr. Cook. Mr. Cook has received (visitation) mutually satisfactory to both parties". On Tuesday, court-appointed psychiatrist Dr. Stephan Herman recommended that the former couple seek therapy in an effort to improve relations between them for the sake of their children. Brinkley and Cook married in a star studded event in September 1996.