The Orginal Batman Cast With Burgess Meredith And
Frank Gorshin Along With Lee Meriwether And Ceasar Romero

The original sexy Batman star Lee Meriwether, who played Catwoman, has announced her plans to "tell all" in a new book.The 73-year-old actress made the feline role of Catwoman famous when she brought the character to the big screen in a 1966 movie. And Meriwether is revealing she is penning a tome with intentions to come clean about working behind the scenes with her co-stars including Batman actor Adam West, who now is a regular on Family Guy. Meriwether says, "(Actor/Director) Jim Hesselman is helping me and I’m telling all." In addition to her Batman role, Meriwether also made television history when she was crowned Miss America in 1954, the first year the competition was broadcast live on TV from Atlantic City.