Lily Allen

British pop singer Lily Allen is being praised by London mayor Boris Johnson, for speaking out against the U.K.’s spiralling knife crime epidemic. The star wants the British capital to hold a benefit concert to bring people together in a show of unity against violence, and urged Johnson to take action over the emotional issue.The number of knife stabbings involving teenagers has risen sharply in London this year, and the recent killing of 16-year-old Ben Kinsella, brother of soap opera actress Brooke, has made headlines in the country for the last two weeks. And Johnson has applauded Allen for getting involved, insisting more high profile stars should help raise awareness of knife crime.He says, "Tackling the horrific spate of knife crime in London is my top priority. I am greatly encouraged to hear that Lily Allen, who has a tremendous young fan base, is speaking out against violence and wants to do something positive."