Sexy Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey's pregnant Brazilian girlfriend is resigning herself to the fact her man will always be in demand by other women. Far from upsetting the mom-to-be Camila Alves, new photos of a drunk McConaughey appearing to flirt with locals in a Nicaraguan bar only make her realize how difficult it is to be a superstar. The photos and stories of McConaughey dirty dancing with locals at The Iguana bar in San Juan Del Sur would end many celebrity romances, but the actor's brother, Rooster, insists the model is unfazed by the "scandal." He tells In Touch magazine, "Camila loves him for him. He's a free spirit and she gets it. "She knows what it's like being around a famous guy." And Rooster insists his brother knows he struck lucky when he found Alves -- and the actor has no plans to stray: "She's the salt of the earth. You ain't gonna get better than that."