Babyshambles jailed singer Pete Doherty is getting "five-star" treatment in the big house.The drug addict has been given his own cell, a Television, radio and a bunk bed in a secure unit of Wormwood Scrubs Prison, in London England. A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "He is on the segregation unit because of who he is. It's thought he could be vulnerable. It's basically the five-star treatment which takes most prisoners weeks of good behavior to achieve. "Doherty was sent to jail for 14 weeks after breaking the terms of his suspended sentence. Judge Davinder Lachar ruled the former Kate Moss toyboy was in "breach of time-keeping, non-compliance of his order and using different drugs" when handing down the sentence earlier this month. Doherty has reportedly been adjusting well to prison life, with the help of video messages from former girlfriend Kate Moss. He has also been getting involved in prison activities, including auditioning for the part of Romeo in a production of 'Romeo and Juliet' and has vowed to work on his next Babyshambles album.