John Mayer Holds Hands With A Guy

John Mayer Hugs A Guy

Gossip King Perez Hilton has taken a lie detector test to prove his New Year's Eve 2006 party romantic kiss with John Mayer isn't a figment of his imagination.The Blogger went public about the alleged smooch earlier this week after growing tired of singer Mayer's blog attacks on him and his Web site. Mayer's representative responded by denying Hilton's recollection of events. Hilton also claimed Mayer's then-girlfriend Jessica Simpson was "rubbing his crotch" while the two men kissed for five minutes. After promising to take a lie detector test to prove his story was true, Hilton agreed to sit through a polygraph test, arranged by Us Weekly on Friday. The blogger passed all the questions he was asked, answering yes to whether he used his tongue, if Mayer initiated the kiss and if Simpson was really rubbing Mayer's crotch, among others. The only question Hilton failed was when he was asked if he was taking the test for publicity -- he said no, but the examiner claimed that was a false answer. Once the test had finished, Hilton challenged Mayer to take a lie detector test as well. Meanwhile our Buzz Foto photographer Justin Campbell snapped some shots a few months ago of John Mayer Holding hands with a guy and also hugging him. Is it time for someone to come out of the closet? We think so !