Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe is making headlines again long after her untimely death in 1962 that was officially listed as suicide, but many conspiracy theorists claim was a murder. Now, allegedly a sex tape of the famous actress has emerged, and was recently snapped up by a very wealthy businessman.The 15-minute film of Monroe engaging in an oral sex act with an unidentified man will never be seen per the wishes of the new owner, a New York businessman who has bought it for $1.5 million, the broker of the deal said in a statement on Monday. Reuters reports that Keya Morgan brokered the sale of the silent, black-and-white film from the son of a dead FBI informant who possessed it to a wealthy Manhattan businessman who wants to protect Marilyn."The gentleman who bought it said out of respect for Marilyn he's not going to make a joke of it and put it on the Internet and try to exploit her," said memorabilia collector Keya Morgan. "That's not his intention and I would never get my name involved if that were to happen."The people who think there were other forces responsible for the death of Marilyn cite the fact it was her romantic liaisons with powerful men like U.S. President John F. Kennedy, his brother Bobby and possibly some underworld kingpins that give credence to their theories.
J. Edgar Hoover allegedly tried to prove the unseen man in the tape was in fact, John F. Kennedy. Reuters claims that Joe DiMaggio, an ex of Monroe's, once tried to buy it from the collector for $25,000 but "he would not part with it," according to declassified FBI files provided by Morgan. Morgan told Reuters he learned of the existence of the film while working on a documentary about Monroe, who died in August 1962 at age 36. A former FBI agent told him about it, and Morgan said he confirmed it by tracking down the son of the FBI informant, who had provided a copy to the FBI.The late informant's son had the original while the copy remains in the FBI files, said Morgan, whose deal was first reported by the New York Post today.
Morgan states: "The FBI agent that I interviewed said J. Edgar Hoover was completely obsessed. A team of nine individuals were analyzing the tape inside a lab. J. Edgar Hoover brought in a few prostitutes who allegedly had been with President Kennedy and they tried to ... see if that was really President Kennedy."