Singing star Mariah Carey fans booed her at an autograph signing on Thursday when she showed up over two hours late and left before signing albums for devotees who had waited eight hours to meet her.The singer, who was promoting her new album E=MC2 at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles California, left tired fans mad when she stopped signing and "went home". Carey fans, who waited in line to meet their favorite singer have flooded the Internet to slam the diva, claiming she showed up two hours late and didn’t stay around long enough to meet and greet the 1,000 devotees who were promised time with the singer.One angry fan says, "The first 1,000 people who bought her album from (record store) FYE got a guaranteed meet and greet (wristband), but she left with more than a hundred people still waiting."Some fans booed and others even trashed their copies of Mariah’s new CD and yelled profanities at her."


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I just wanted to share this. It's Comcast exclusive premiere of Mariah's new video of "Bye Bye" (starting Sat. 4/26):